Kim Dotcom claims to have proof Seth Rich was Wikileaks source. Will testify before congress if they include in Russia probe… Hannity invites Kim dot com to his show to discuss Seth Rich

Megaupload founder and friend of Julian Assange has offered to provide Congress with written testimony and proof that murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was WikiLeaks’ source — if they will include his murder in their Russia investigation.
Kim Dotcom has also now claimed that he was involved in the leak — and that he personally knew Rich.
Now Hannity has all the dirt that has been on here the last week (scroll through this tweet), from the police report to the surgeons report. Gonna get interesting.

He has never mentioned the surgeons report, or the police report, but its right in front of him on his twitter page now. I am curious if he brings it up on his Monday or Tuesday show.
He was also all over for info, once Kim let it be known he had evidence. Kims twitter page below.
Dutch interview with Assange, where he all but states Seth was his source. Why else would he bring up Seth when he was talking about the risks his sources take, and why would he offer a reward for info on his death. Make up your own mind on what he is saying, I think Seth was his source. Mind you, he cannot break his number one mandate and reveal his source’s, as he explains, but this is as close as it will come.
BTW, Hannity has shown this clip twice on his shows last week.

h/t Fire & Ice