President Trump’s Justice Department Says “Do Not Release The Memo!”- Investigation Into Trump/Russia Is Based On False Pretense!

by Ruby Henley
I want to start out by defining what I mean by “false pretense.”
“In criminal law, property is obtained by false pretensesa[›] when the acquisition results from intentional misrepresenting of a past or existing fact.
The elements of false pretenses are: (1) a false representation (2) of a material past or existing fact (3) which the person making the representation knows is false (4) made for the purpose of causing (5) and which does cause (6) the victim to pass title (7) to his property [3] False pretenses is a statutory offense in most jurisdictions; subject matter covered by statute varies accordingly, and is not necessarily limited to tangible personal property – some statutes include intangible personal property and services. For example, the North Carolina false pretense statute applies to obtaining “any money, goods, property, services, choses in action, or any other thing of value …”[4] Under common law, false pretense is defined as a representation of a present or past fact, which the thief knows to be false, and which he intends will and does cause the victim to pass title of his property. That is, false pretense is the acquisition of title from a victim by fraud or misrepresentation of a material past or present fact.”
Now, what is the property Trump may be giving up?  His Presidency, of course! This is my theory, and I am sticking to it.
President Trump says he will talk to Robert Mueller “under oath” unlike Hillary Clinton.  The fact that he is being asked to do this is an illegal travesty!  President Trump should not have to give an interview to Special Counsel Mueller, as Mueller is operating under false pretenses.  This whole investigation is based on a false document, and we all know it.  The FISA warrant was obtained under false pretenses, as it was obtained by the Obama Administration based on the fake dossier.  Obama was disciplined by a FISA court, and the NSA has had to change its rules under an advisory from a FISA court.  How is this “Russian collusion fake investigation” still moving forward?
To top it all off, the Department of Justice has warned Devin Nunes against “extraordinarily reckless” release of a four-page FISA memo, which would reveal to the American people laws broken and extraordinary abuses by the Obama Administration to obtain the FISA warrant itself.  This is a blatant abuse taken by President Trump’s own Justice Department to advise against the release of a memo, which would basically end this whole fiasco of the Russia collusion lie.
If that FISA memo was released right now, the Russia collusion investigation would cease to be, and the American people would rise up and request accountability from the Deep State.  The Deep State is basically trying to oust a sitting President chosen through the voting process by the American people.  President Trump is doing an excellent job for the American people, but he must fight the Deep State every day to accomplish this feat.  I often wonder how he maintains this type of accomplishment.
The bottom line is the Obama administration improperly and illegally spied on the campaign of President Donald J. Trump before and after he became President of the United States.  Michael Goodwin of the “New York Post” writes, the scandal is “too big to believe.”  He goes on to say, “Yet each day brings credible reports suggesting there is a massive scandal involving the top ranks of America’s premier law enforcement agency.”
Further he states, ““The reports, which feature talk among agents of a ‘secret society‘ and suddenly missing text messages, point to the existence both of a cabal dedicated to defeating Donald Trump in 2016 and of a plan to let Hillary Clinton skate free in the classified email probe,” he said. “If either one is true — and I believe both probably are — it would mean FBI leaders betrayed the nation by abusing their powers in a bid to pick the president.”
Bottom line:  The Obama Administration’s FBI obtained a FISA court warrant, so it could spy on a political campaign by using a fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton, the opponent of the American citizen running against her in the 2016 Presidential race.  You would think it would have ended after Trump won, but it has actually exploded into a illegal investigation!  And President Trump’s own DOJ does not want the truth revealed to the American people?!  Outrageous!
The well trusted “McClatchy News Service” reported on President Obama’s expanded use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to investigate and destroy Trump’s team.
Now, here is what the DOJ sent to Devin Nunes, House Intelligence Committee Chairman, in a letter:
Stephen Boyd, the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs, wrote that “it would be extraordinarily reckless for the Committee to disclose such information publicly without giving the Department and the FBI the opportunity to review the memorandum and to advise the HPSCI of the risk of harm to national security and to ongoing investigations that could come from public release.”
Pardon me while I go into shock.  They are always thinking of the protection of the Deep State, aren’t they?!
Jack Langer, spokesman for Nunes said, “Agencies that are under investigation by congressional committees don’t typically get access to the committees’ investigative documents about them, and it’s no surprise these agencies don’t want the abuses we’ve found to be made public.”
Thank you, Jack Langer! What does Trey Gowdy think about this?
GOWDY: “I helped draft it. And I would tell my friends at the F.B.I., ‘Everything I got that went into that memo, I got from you. So I don’t know why you need to see my memo. You got really good lawyers working for the Department of Justice —”
SMITH: “But why not release it, congressman?”
GOWDY: “Well, I drafted it for my colleagues. I didn’t draft it for the F.B.I. The F.B.I. can do their own memo. They got more lawyers than we have on the House Intel Committee. I drafted it for my colleagues so they could see some of the documents, and they are all classified which is why I can’t release it to the public without a vote.”
Grabien News: Gowdy: Everything in the FISA Abuse Memo I Got from the FBI
In conclusion, pray they release the memo now!