Why Does the Left Seek to Conflate Political Ideology with Race?

by Mark Angelides

A mass of recent stories about white folk fearing the “browning” of the United States is doing rounds not only on social media, but in what passes for regular news networks. The accusations state that people voted for Trump because they are racist, because they don’t want more people with darker skin coming to the US. Not only is this idea wrong, it is politically motivated.
If you really want to know what American’s (and people in Europe) are afraid of, it’s not the “browning” of the nation, it is the flawed and often dangerous ideology that comes with some elements of mass-migration.
Take the UK for example. British newspapers are filled with stories of Islamophobia and racism against migrants (even second and third generation). You would think that Britain is one of the least welcoming places if you have dark skin. But the reality is something quite different.
British Indians are a classic example of how integration should work. With a population of over 1.4 million, they are the third largest demographic in the nation, and on almost every scale and metric do just as well (and better in some cases) than those identifying as Native White British. They are just as likely to own their own home, just as likely to be employed, and do very well in terms of achieving higher education.
How much anti-Indian hate crime do you think is reported in the UK? Well it’s virtually zero. You also don’t see angry Tweets, nasty facebook posts, or any of the other associated nonsense you would expect from people who are described as “racist” and “xenophobic.” Why is this?
Could it be that British Indians have basically the same politics and culture and values as that of the native Brit? Politically, it seems so.
Unlike many other demographics, British Indians (Brindians?) aren’t targeted for votes the same way other minority groups are. There is no such thing as “The Block Indian Vote” in the UK. Indians, much like White Brits vote any way they please, based on economics, geographic location, and preference of policies.
Could this be one of the reasons that almost no one (except those on the very fringes of society) object to Indian migration?
The native White Brit does not fear the “browning” of the nation. They (quite rightly) fear the destruction of culture that can occur when people with radically different views arrive en-masse and have the right to vote to change the nation irrevocably.
It is not the color of people that is the issue, it is radical views.
When idiots in news rooms seek to make the argument against mass-migration form 3rd world nations about race, they do us all a disservice. They are dismissing a very real point of view, and in fact, putting all immigrants into one category of people, which they are not (oddly enough, to put all immigrants in one category like that smacks of racism).
We all welcome people who have similar views to ourselves. With them, we can rest easy about the future we are leaving to our children. Is it so wrong to want your children to experience the enjoyment and relative safety (and more importantly, the rights) that we have enjoyed? This is not, and never has been about the color of a person’s skin…It is about the content of their character.

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11 thoughts on “Why Does the Left Seek to Conflate Political Ideology with Race?”

  1. The Marxist white people have spent years trying to get Western white people to fall for socialism/communism and they haven’t been able to do it, so they are getting rid of whites, especially white Christians in order to take civilization for themselves. The Marxists could care less for the dark ones, they just want to rule the world.

  2. It has always been that way ever since the beginning of civilization. Race is NOT the issue. Do you believe like me and do you have the same value system? That is what people are concerned about.


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