Pressed by Patient on “informed consent” Pharmacist shakes/stutters when Moderna datasheet given to pharmacists is completely blank

Pharmacist brings out datasheet pharmacists get: “The package insert given to patients isn’t the full information. It’s truncated. That’s the full thing.

Patient: “Why is it intentionally blank in the folds?”

Pharmacist: “They’re inside” (begins to unfold it) Realizes its *Intentionally left blank* and nervously walks away

Patient: “How is it informed consent when all of the safety studies and placebo studies are not listed?”

Pharmacist: “That’s a great question. I would talk to… I..I..I would talk to CBS about that.”

Patient” “If we don’t know what we’re injecting into ourselves, I don’t understand how that’s informed consent.

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Pharmacist now shaking and stuttering more with dramatic hand gestures starts to get angry: “You’re exactly right, you are correct, I should not be giving this out.”

Patient: “Ok. Why are you giving it out?”

Pharmacist: “Because I am told to..and…Because I am told to and everything I have shown including the patients I have given it to, it is safe.”

Patient: “What studies are you going by?

Pharmacist stutters, begins to walk away nervously


h/t Sati Sunrise


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