Principals union warns New York City DOE that ‘social distancing’ policy will prohibit schools from opening

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New York City’s principals union is warning that the Department of Education’s social distancing guidelines for the upcoming school year may make it impossible to accommodate all students full-time.
The Department of Education has issued a 3-foot separation mandate in schools, a rule that the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators say would be hard to enforce as many of the buildings have limited space, according to the New York Post.
The DOE’s guidelines state that 3 feet of separation is required between children at all times, which contradicts the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance that says three feet should only be enforced when practicable.
“Earlier today, the DOE sent an email to each principal with a capacity report for their building which gave the impression that all schools must maintain 3 feet of social distancing for all students at all times rather than adhere to the CDC guidance of 3 feet distance where possible,” the union wrote in a letter to its members on Thursday.

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