Pro-Abortion Protesters Block Streets Outside Supreme Court

WASHINGTON—Some 80 pro-abortion protesters descended on Washington on June 13 to block streets and make known their opposition to the court’s looming decision on Roe v. Wade.
“Whose courts? Our courts!” some of the protesters chanted, as they held a sign saying “Our Home Is On Fire.”

“We are not your incubator. [expletive] the court and the legislature,” another chant went.

Metropolitan Police Department officers and U.S. Capitol Police officers were standing on Monday outside the Supreme Court, which is situated near the U.S. Capitol, and walls were erected around the building in May. Protesters blocked several streets outside the court, and have said their intention was to block the entrances so justices could not enter.

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The protests were organized by activist groups including SCOTUS 6 and Shut Down DC.

The protesters threatened an Epoch Times reporter, who has been reporting on their pre-march meetings, including one in which they said they were not against violent actions.


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