Pro Lockdown People versus Anti Lockdown People

by Ian56

The following is a work in progress – I haven’t even started on all the problems with the worst than useless experimental and highly controversial proposed Covid “vaccines”.

Please let me know if there is anything else that should be covered, or mentioned, in the comments.
The important point is that the negative effects of Lockdowns and other restrictions are much worse and do more damage than the virus, which is no more dangerous than a severe strain of seasonal flu.
The “Cure” is much worse than the disease.
Lockdowns do NOT prevent the spread of the disease.
Lockdowns of the entire population do nothing to protect the elderly or the most vulnerable. They have massively harmed and killed large numbers of the elderly, along with the rest of the population.
The UK government’s current restrictions such as the “Rule of Six” or “10pm Curfew” are entirely illogical, nonsensical, and anti science. They are purely designed to cause people more pain. They do nothing to stop the spread of the disease.
The Lockdown agenda completely ignored 2,000 years of best medical practice for dealing with epidemics where you only quarantine the sick, in favour of a completely experimental new policy of placing most of the population under House Arrest – which DOES NOT WORK once the virus is already prevalent in the community and does IMMENSE DAMAGE in all sorts of other ways.
Several cheap and effective treatments are available which are being deliberately suppressed and banned to push the mass vaccine agenda – there is no money for Big Pharma in Vitamins or off patent drugs.
The Pandemic is effectively over – the number of new daily deaths or hospitalisations, does not meet the criteria for an epidemic in large parts of the world.
It will be even more over in the coming 3 to 6 months as the virus burns out naturally in most of the world.
Epidemics stop when there are insufficient susceptible people left, to allow it to spread.
Most of the UK, most of Europe, most of the US and most of the rest of the world, is at or near Herd Immunity.
Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and large parts of Asia excluding China, will reach Herd Immunity well before the proposed rushed “vaccines” are available in 2021.
An experimental, rushed, non safety tested, dangerous and ineffective “vaccine” is NOT required. They will do more HARM than good at a cost of many billions.
Similarly the billions currently wasted on randomly testing asymptomatic people who are not ill and not infectious should be stopped. It is reporting well over 90% false positives and needlessly harming millions by forcing them to quarantine and damaging the economy.
Track and Trace are similarly a complete waste of time and wasting billions – most of the people being reported “positive” recovered from the virus weeks or months ago, are now immune and not infectious, and the vast majority of the people “traced” are members of the same Household, close friends, or work colleagues, which a newly infected person with symptoms could do on their own.
Everyone should go back to normal – as Sweden has done.
All Covid restrictions, except stay at home if you are sick, should be stopped.
It is better for Covid Herd Immunity to be bolstered now before the Northern Hemisphere Winter flu season sets in. Western governments and public “health” officials are trying to prolong the disease to kill and harm more people.
Advising the elderly and vulnerable to take Vitamin supplements would be helpful to stop people becoming ill from both Covid and the seasonal flu.
It would be better to test the vulnerable for Vitamin D, C and Zinc deficiency and correct it, than to continue with the worse than useless PCR mass testing regime.
Supporting evidence for most of the above is in here:
Everything we know about Covid – The Campaign of Mass Murder by Governments, Public “Health” Officials, Big Pharma, Bill Gates and the WHO
Totally Corrupt Big Pharma Shills and Mass Murdering Psychopaths Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance Spew Total Disinfo Fear Porn To Kill As Many People As People with Covid

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