Proof that after Youtube changed their algorithms to stop recommending conspiracies they lost a lot of money. It turns out they lost 8% of their ad revenue immediately after the ill thought decision.

It is not often that we see our impact as truth seekers. Youtube claims that conspiracy videos were only 1% of the sites videos but after attempting to obfuscate their existence by removing them from recommended videos, they lost 8% of ad revenue. And that’s what they reported the number is likely higher due to the recent injection of conspiracy theories into the mainstream. Sometimes we don’t see the impact that we’re having just by looking into things and trying to find the truth. They tried to turn on us and lost billions. It likely won’t change anything but this is evidence that someone who can make a rival platform or improve on things like bitchute would most definitely have a market.




  • Alphabet reported a sharp decline in ad revenue growth Monday, sending the stock down more than 8% on Tuesday.

  • Alphabet’s CFO said changes to the YouTube algorithm caused lower engagement and ad revenue growth on the site.

  • Ruth Porat was probably referring to changes YouTube made to curb the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories. It shows YouTube is willing to forego some short-term ad revenue for the long-term health of the company.

Google has a YouTube problem, according to CFO Ruth Porat.

On Monday, after reporting that ad revenue grew 15% versus the 24% it saw a year ago, Google’s parent company Alphabet saw its stock punished. It fell more than 8% Tuesday afternoon.

According to Porat, YouTube was one of the culprits.

“While YouTube clicks continue to grow at a substantial pace in the first quarter, the rate of YouTube click growth rate decelerated versus a strong Q1 last year, reflecting changes that we made in early 2018, which we believe are overall additive to the user and advertiser experience,” Porat said on the company’s earnings call Monday.

Porat didn’t expand on precisely what changes at YouTube led to the poor ad revenue growth, and Google isn’t saying anything beyond her statements from Monday.


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