Protest hits Hong Kong on anniversary of city’s handover | Protesters breached, stormed Legislative Council building

by serkok

Dozens of demonstrators broke through the glass of the Legislative Council (LegCo) building, while a large crowd observed the unrest from outside.

Hundreds crowded the building’s lobby, spray-painting messages on the walls and waving to the crowd outside from upstairs windows.

Earlier, police held signs warning they would use force if protesters charged the glass exterior walls. They later warned that anyone who breached an internal metal gate would be arrested.

But on each occasion, they decided not to move against the crowd – which was armed with plastic helmets, makeshift cardboard shields and umbrellas – apparently falling back instead. –

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Hong Kong protesters call for another mobilization on the anniversary of the city’s handover from British to Chinese rule on Monday, July 1, to protest against the city’s government and a now- suspended extradition bill.

Demonstrations turned violent when several protesters rammed steel bars and a metal cart against the glass doors of Hong Kong’s legislature in an attempt to storm the chambers.

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