Protestors in Peru, France, Hong Kong, and don’t forget Spain. Catalonians are marching for their right to freedom and of course being met with police working for a corrupt government.

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by FringeCenterPodcast

But look at how the media portrays it as if there is equal violence here.

Just like any other time there are peaceful protests. The plan is always the same, infiltrate and co opt the group into a new direction. Or just use good old fashion police brutality.

Let this and every other protest police attack show that police brutality does not have to come in the one way shown to us, via white on black racism. In all these countries you see the same ethnicity cops beating protestors.

This has to do with power and control. We all want to feel in control of ourselves. But some people want the power of control over others, that’s at the root of most of this police brutality we see.

Police show up with the “I’m gonna put an end to this” mentality and they go way overboard trying to control something that should be allowed to happen as long as it remains peaceful.

All over the world people are starting to wake up to corruption. Especially the absolute corruption of corporations and governments over common people. As long as they keep this shit peaceful it’s good.

And that is precisely why you see increasing chaos at these events. They fear another Martin Luther King Jr type of leader.

Even though he wasn’t perfect, he lead people peacefully and with purpose, that scares the shit out the elites. The world is changing in favor of normal people, they can feel it and they fear it.




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