PSA: Positive Thinking Is Our Greatest Weapon Against The Enemy

by CrsCrpr

What They Want You To Think:
You are alone
You are crazy
You will never have a social life again
You will lose your job
You are not safe in your own home
You will have your life turned upside down if you disagree

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The reality is:
You are not alone
You are not crazy
You will have a social life again
You will not lose your job
You will be safe in your own home
Your life will return to normal shortly

We are seeing the satanistic left be systematically deconstructed right before our eyes. They are kicking and screaming and pulling out every stop they can think of but the world has united around Trump and the MAGA movement is stronger than ever. We are winning, they are just too stupid and too afraid to know when to stop and admit defeat and that will be their downfall.



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