PSA: There’s an extremely high quality MIT Finance course on Youtube by Andrew Lo, filmed during the height of the subprime mortgage crisis

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by TraderTui

The course gives a broad overview of introductory finance that most here will obviously already know.

The first reason I thought it worth sharing is because the teacher (Andrew Lo) is probably the best and most passionate finance professor I’ve ever seen. Really hooks you into the lectures.

The second is that the course is filmed during the height of the subprime crisis, and each lecture starts with a discussion of recent events and how they relate to concepts in the course. Very interesting to hear perspectives and how they progress throughout the crisis.

Lecture Series

For those of you that want a great discussion/explanation about what caused the mispricing of subprime mortgages (as opposed to the superficial one given in The Big Short), I would recommend the following section from

Lecture 7: Fixed-Income Securities IV



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