PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: a massive, sprawling mess that signals a much bigger problem

by John Ward

In this specially extended Slog essay, we examine the all too familiar micro elements that make PHE an at best dubious NGO, the dysfunctional Whiteminster judgements that attract little or no respect, and the geopolitical machinations involved that exploit and exaggerate citizen fears of death that are at best unlikely and at worst delusional. But the chief learning here is that Covid19 is nothing more than a weapon for something far worse than death.

Throughout PHE’s mercifully brief life, there have been suspicions as to just how impartial it really is. The agency was criticised by The Lancet for allegedly using weak evidence in a review of electronic cigarettes to endorse an estimate that e-cigarette use is 95% less hazardous than smoking: “it is on this extraordinarily flimsy foundation that PHE based the major conclusion and message of its report” … this “raises serious questions not only about the conclusions of the PHE report, but also about the quality of the agency’s peer review process.” The general tone of the Lancet piece left an uneasy feeling that (perhaps) PHE had been nobbled by the e-fag lobby.

In March 2020, in an astounding judgement, PHE stated flatly that ‘Covid19 is no longer regarded as a serious health threat’. While this opinion was probably correct, the position was hastily reversed after pressure was applied to it. I have yet to see a convincing explanation of what changed PHE’s mind. Since then, however, the Quango has adhered strictly to a “pandemic” narrative.

In July 2020, as the number of Covid19 deaths continued to fall, PHE reported significantly more deaths than those collated weekly from death certificates by the ONS. Concerns were raised – by several medical authorities – that PHE’s figures were over-estimates. This proved to be so, by a percentage estimated at somewhere between 12 and 20%. The “error” was never satisfactorily explained.

In October 2020, it was realised that almost 16,000 COVID-19 test results received by PHE from commercial laboratories since 25 September had not been loaded into dashboards or passed to the outsourced Test and Trace operation. Observing that this “should never have happened” (a remark lacking either blame or common sense) Health Secretary Hancock was unfazed, having already decided to disband PHE.

However, that isn’t what happened…..despite the fact that delayed contact tracing led to more than 125,000 additional infections and 1,500 deaths. It was announced instead that Public Health England was to be replaced by the National Institute for Health Protection, a “new” agency created to deal with the threat of infectious diseases by combining PHE with the NHS Test and Trace operation. A couple of heads rolled, and – apart from the staff level increasing to over 5,000 – nothing else changed. Something happened to stay Hancock’s hand; what it was remains a mystery.

Just as you have to plough through 96% of the charts on reported NOID infections before you stumble across the Covid19 reporting fiasco enabled by PHE, so in turn – having been shown a subhead promising ‘Board Members outside interests’ – it takes five clicks to finally reach the actual data point. Sources elsewhere filled in some of the gaps (left by the economy of information) in the analysis/audit that follows.

Before we get to current staff, however, let us do a small in memoriam on the outgoing Chairman “Sir” David Nicholson, the former Stafford NHS Trust boss and allround odious reptile who presided over dubious firings of whistleblowers there, covered up manslaughter evidence and threatened to sue The Slog for saying so…but then retreated having been encouraged by me to “bring it on, and while we’re at it, let’s talk about Stafford mental health and paedophiles, huh?”

It says a lot about Whitehall that they chose this arse-covering bully to run PHE – and even more about the Cameron-Clegg marriage in that they accepted the idea without demur. Secretary Hancock chose to replace him with Chair Julia Goodfellow. Words like frying pan and fire spring to mind….

Julia Goodfellow, Chair. Goodfellow was heavily criticised for her travel expenses and pay for the 2014-15 year. Her travel expenses were reported to be £26,635, with 92% of flights being first or business class. She also received a pay rise of 3% in the same year, increasing her salary to £272,000. She received an eye-watering £43,000 pay rise in 2012-13, a rise of 19%: her employer was criticised for “attempting to obscure key information” by obfuscating records of the meeting in which her salary was decided.” PHE’s mission is “to protect and improve the nation’s health and to address inequalities”. Oh dear.

Her husband of 49 years Peter Goodfellow is an advisory Board Member at the Gates Foundation.

Michael Brodie interim CEO was appointed to replace Duncan Selbie, following the catalogue of errors in 2020. ““Michael is well-regarded within the wider health and care system and has a proven track record,” gushed PHE – which is disputable when one considers that he’s been at PHE since 2013 and is thus a long-serving part of the dysfunctional furniture.

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But then, vomit-inducingly generous praise runs through the DNA of PHE:

Cue more clapping. Or not. Because what you won’t find on the PHE outside interests file is this little gem: that from 2015-19, Mr Brodie was also a shareholding director of Porton Biopharma Ltd. Porton’s own site confirms that….

Nice work if you can get it, I suppose.

Moving on down the food chain, Professor George Griffin CBE sat on the Board of the Gates Foundation, Professor Sian Griffiths OBE is a Professor at Imperial College (from whence came Momentum affiliated Neil ‘Shagger’ Ferguson the playdough man) and into which flows $80 million a year of….um, Gates Foundation funding. Sir Derek Myers has a less than gleaming reputation thanks to his close connection with the Grenfell Tower disaster, and accusations that he was an ardent ‘ethnic cleanser’ on North Kensington Council. Deputy CEO Richard Gleave also has shares in Porton Biopharma….I could go on, but what’s the point?

Let’s try to round all this up and reach some conclusions. First of all, it’s perfectly possible that these predictable DNA connections to Pharmafia vaccination have no effect whatsoever on the decision-making policy at PHE. But that said, add all this to the funding octopus that is the Pharma-Gates nexus in academia, the Vallance advice as Chief Medical Officer, and the connections of Ferguson and Horby to commercial concerns with an interest in rubbishing alternative treatments for Covid19….and let’s face it, accusations of conspiracy theory in relation to my thought processes are utterly ridiculous. With a level playing field and an honest rule of Law, all the connections I have mentioned would give rise to doubts in even the dimmest Scotland Yard plod.

Secondly, the ability of hugely overpaid fatcats to survive serial insouciant incompetence has to ask a whole bunch of questions about the incestuous Whitehall system of shuffling the same frayed cards in the pack in expectation of a different outcome. I have similar feelings when I look back at the inexplicable success of G4S security in obtaining Government contracts – despite a stream of lies, incompetence, outright criminal fraud, absence of due diligence and underdelivered workforce skill promises. There too, “the usual suspects” were involved: Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron.

Third, the near-total lack of discernment of the political class in not just accepting the bozos wheeled out for their rubber stamp, but also wilfully ignoring the more eclectic advice available from spotless virologists, social anthropologists and experienced frontline medics is at best lamentable….and yet again – at worst, profoundly suspicious.

Fourth, the obvious default approach of hiding data, choosing tech systems unfit for purpose, obfuscating conflicts of interest and disguising wasteful largesse represents – albeit something we have all somehow come to both expect and accept – nothing less than an army of engorged leaches on the back of the Citizenry.

As the threadbare Covid narrative, ridiculous alarmism, insane State response and pernicious media spin-to-censorship have gained ground, we now find ourselves in a situation where huge numbers of allegedly mature and intelligent people are close to clamouring for access to a “vaccine” that is in reality half-baked experimentalism with mRNA in a species built on DNA….despite the fact that proven, low-cost management drug combines like Ivermectin and HCQ-Zinc cocktails are everything we need to protect all but the most deadly pathogen comorbidities of the very old.

I refuse to accept the identification of the doubts of myself and millions of others as “conspiranoid”. I simply do not believe that the rascals who rule over us are lovely cuddly angels driven entirely by philanthropy while suffering from fiscal and economic naivety: they have ‘form’ that makes such a verdict idiotic. Something else of far greater dystopian significance is in play here.

It destroyed Trump, it hyped Coronavirus, it tried everything to destroy Brexit, it is looking for a Crash2 way out of financialised misanthropy, its desire is to control all of us, and the signposts are everywhere in 200 point Arial extra-bold type for anyone willing to divest themselves of the blinkers. The Great Reset of the billionaires, the global warming bullshit, the vaccination drivel, the “Build Back Better” suddenly adopted by Establishment Parties across the planet and the Janet & John attempts to rewrite the past in order to rationalise the future….all this is coincidence?

By all means be angered by this investigation – you deserve to be. But don’t lose sight of the disease while examining a symptom: the likes of Sir Mark Sedwill, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Sir Keir Starmer and even the heir to the British throne are all very happy to fall into line with the agenda being put forward by Davos, Soros, Gates, Schwab, BLM, Antifa, Joe Biden, and the motley crew of camp followers from deranged feminists, extinction rebels, sexuality minorities and other useful dupes.

Thank you for persevering with this post.




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