Public Sentiment on Coronavirus DD

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Kind of a silly way to evaluate things but there may be some insights to glean.

538 has been tracking polls regarding public sentiment on coronavirus since March

Obviously concern has escalated and right now we are at around 1/3 of Americans are ‘very concerned’, 38% are ‘somewhat concerned’, and 28% are ‘not very’ or ‘not at all’ concerned.

Public fear peaked a couple weeks ago when the stay at home orders were well underway and there was still fear about the coronavirus worst case scenarios playing out.

I struggle to see how fear could rise to that level again unless reopening strategies go terribly. This could also provide insight on how hotels, restaurants, and other corona hit industries could recover. I think having 2/3 of the US only ‘somewhat’, ‘not very’ and ‘not at all’ concerned is bullish for corona hit stocks and could indicate a faster recovery than expected.




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