Putin Challenges Joe Biden to Televised Debate

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By Chris Black

Sick and tired of the Geriatric States of America.

Another day in the collapsing empire: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin just challenged senile Joe Biden to a live televised debate.

 Obviously, this will never happen, because Joe Biden is not physically and/or mentally capable of doing that. Each time he appears in public, he’s pumped up full of psych-drugs, in order to keep him relatively coherent for 10 minutes, and after that he most probably requires weeks of recovery.

That’s why Biden is the only so-called president in history that never talks to the press via public conferences. 

Just to give you an example of how senile Biden is, watch this recent clip:

Notice that she walked out in front of him.  No one does that to a sitting president. But Biden is not a real president anyway, so it doesn’t matter. And this is not the first time it happens:

Each time Biden is revived for a public appearance by his handlers, his brain is getting more damaged. So, no, we will not have the pleasure of seeing Uncle Biden talking with Putin during a live debate. Not in this life anyway.

But how come Putin challenged Biden to a televised debate? 

Everything started with usurper Biden calling Putin a killer who lacks a soul.

 At least he didn’t call Putin a dog-faced pony soldier, because that would’ve meant total war between Russia and the US, right? 

It’s almost like US foreign policy is totally arbitrary.

All jokes aside, Biden reminds me of old comedy movies where Leslie Nielsen plays the President of the United States. Idiocracy must have been a documentary.

After Biden said that Putin doesn’t have a soul, Putin retorted that “it takes one to know one”, and wished Biden good health:

“As he said, we know each other personally. What would I reply? I wish you health. I say that without any irony or joke. I remember in my childhood, when we argued in the courtyard with each other we used to say: it takes one to know one,” said Putin.

Say what you will about Putin. But, I like him. Personally, I think he is the best leader in the world right now. 

The US could learn the lesson from Russia that one should not allow oligarchs control the media.

Putin rigorously put an end to that and made Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky an example of what would happen if such oligarch used his ill-gotten wealth to buy political influence through owning media. Keep in mind that these oligarchs got rich during the 90′ and accumulating such billions within 10 years or even much less took the kind of person which one should not allow near any political power.

The message to the oligarch was loud and clear: you may keep your wealth as long as you do not use for political influence.

Somehow Bezos, Bloomberg, Soros and such come to mind.

 Now, if the “West” thinks the “East” (Russia plus China) is going to overtake them they will willingly burn down the whole globe rather than lose their hegemony.

I assume that Biden won’t live much longer, and maybe Putin agrees with that. The Dems can’t admit that he’s senile so soon after the election and they also can’t allow him to speak publicly for the same reasons.

 I only see one path to President Harris.

PS: Putin never wears a mask. Gates never wears a mask. Soros never wears a mask. Those are the people with real power.

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