THE SILENCE OF “THE RIGHT:” Why Do We Have to Turn to Leftwingers Like Tim Pool and Brett Weinstein to Hear Challenges to Leftist Mob-Rule that Paid Members of the “Conservative” Media Should Be Offering Themselves?

via I wonder how long they think this can go on, as we ignore the official organs of the pseudo-right and instead turn to left-wing truth-tellers. Andy Ngo’s first person … Read more

James O’Keefe Challenges Google. US Sen. Ted Cruz has posted banned Project Veritas video on his own channel and defies/ taunts Tech Giant to remove it. : James O’Keefe on Twitter: “OK @YouTube. @SenTedCruz has our undercover @google video on HIS channel. You banned our SAME video (approaching 1mil views) for a “privacy complaint.” Your move @SusanWojcicki. Will you apply the same … Read more