Putin is “The New Hitler” as Nuclear War With Russia Becoming Increasingly Probable

by Chris Black

Hitler and Putin are only historically similar in their demands: reunite lands populated by their ethnic kinsmen, who due to unfair historical circumstances brokered by enemy powers, are stranded inside nations that actively persecute and despise them. 

Unbelievably, Putin made the same mistake as Hitler, which was not to invade the Soviet Union but rather to underestimate the will of the decadent liberal powers to refuse to give even an inch. 

The fork in the road that departs from comparisons with known history is the advent of nuclear weapons. 

This is scary stuff, but certainly — and perhaps we are underestimating them again! -makes irrational and inflexible Jewish globalists more likely to accept that other nations have sovereign interests too.

Is NATO willing to risk a nuclear exchange just to keep the Russians of Donbass and Crimea under Zelensky’s rule against their will? 

The British, with USA material backing, were willing to escalate to a full blown World War just to prevent the unification of German populated lands with Germany. 

I think it is unwise for Putin to be talking about nuclear weapons. 

If he thinks he can spook the nihilistic, suicidal, homicidal sodomites and psychotic Jews who govern the West, he is probably mistaken. 

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The Kremlin is making a huge error to assume that just because all of the NATO nation diplomats they meet are female, nerdy Jews or gay that they will back off after hearing a few barks. 

That means that there needs to be a bite, and when you put your nukes on the table, this can quickly go to a place of no return.

The crazed neoliberal elite and their Jewish handlers who run the West do not fear the possibility of nuclear exchange. They view the war in Ukraine as an existential fight for the existence of the neoliberal world order.

A fight they are as of now decidedly losing, particularly in the areas of global influence and adherence to neoliberal dogma outside the West. 

The losing side in a war always acts the least rationally.

Liz Truss, the Prime Minister of Britain, state just under a month ago (metro.co.uk/2022/08/24/liz-truss-ready-to-use-nuclear-weapons-17235063/) that she was prepared to use nuclear weapons.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, spoke in 2020 of a “pure and unrestrained nuclear competition” (www.france24.com/en/20200207-macron-unveils-nuclear-doctrine-warns-eu-cannot-remain-spectators-in-arms-race) , and we doubt his Jewish Prime Minister, Elizabeth Borne, would protest such a competition.

And American President Joe Biden, breaking a notable campaign promise, signed off just this year (www.armscontrol.org/act/2022-04/news/biden-policy-allows-first-use-nuclear-weapons) on a policy allowing the US to use nuclear weapons to defend the “vital interests” of the US, its allies and partners.

Too often words meant to prevent rash behavior end up causing rash behavior.


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