Putin Postpones Highly Anticipated War Speech on the Ukraine Situation

by Chris Black

Russian president Vladimir Putin was expected to deliver a “war speech” on Tuesday, but he changed his mind apparently.

Some people speculate he is going to formally declare war on the Ukraine and expand the current 200,000 force currently engaged in the Ukraine special military operation.

Here’s the deal:

Russia is getting ready to take the gloves off, and that should worry NATO.

A referendum (long in the making), is being held to decide if the Donbas republics (Donetsk / Lugansk) will once again become an integral part of Russia.

 If the vote is accepted, the Special Military Operation is forthwith null and void. 

The SMO was primarily to assist the ethnic Russians of the Donbas to defend against the genocide perpetrated by the western backed Ukrainian government established by a coup in 2014.

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Why this is troubling for NATO, is that now the militias of the Donbas become part of the Russian army, and fully subject to its command. 

This means that any act of violence / act of war by Ukraine or NATO (directly or by proxy) on the territories or peoples of the Donbas (such as the latest heinous attack (just yesterday I believe) using US HIMARS weapons that killed scores of innocent civilians, is an act of war against Russia, and by logical extension, a declaration of war. 

Russia has had its hand tied thus far, limited by the legalities of the SMO.

 It cannot be overstated that if NATO either by proxy through Ukraine forces or with direct acts of violence, Russia will act without limitations. 

So far the majority of forces on the ground have been Donbas militias. 

If Russian troops get deployed in large number and are commanded to eliminate threats by all means possible, their adversaries will be annihilated.

 Further, this makes European and even US cities viable targets.


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