Putin Says Russia is Part of the Islamic World

by Chris Black

You know that Putin (the alleged defender of Christian values) and his mentor Dugin are actively promoting Islamo-Eurasianism for at least 30 years?

Basically, they are ardent proponents of multiculturalism, just like their Western so-called enemies.

It’s all theater for the masses.

“Christianity officially came into Russia in the year 988. Russia is a multinational, multi-confessional country. (Russia) is part of the Islamic world.”

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It’s not surprising that they’re doing this now in the middle of this war. 

The Kremlin leans heavily on the anti-homo stuff to win support for its Islamo-Eurasian expansion agenda from right-wingers. Just sprinkle a little anti-homo pixie dust on their Abrahamic Eurasian melting pot and gullible fools in the West will be eating out of their hand. 

They have nothing else to offer besides this one issue so they keep going back to it again & again. 



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