Putting out fire with gasoline…

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Pelosi and Buttigieg Want to Solve Inflation With — You Guessed It — More Spending.

Build Back Better has been dead since December, but the Democrats still want to ride that dead horse. Between President Biden suggesting that Congress needs to pass the gargantuan spending bill in chunks and far-left legislators pushing Biden to enact Build Back Better by executive order, they just won’t let it die.

Last week, Nancy Pelosi brought Build Back Better up again when discussing ways to bring down inflation. After blaming high gas prices on Vladimir Putin, the Speaker of the House actually told her fellow Democrats that government spending is the answer to fighting inflation.

“She said passing components of President Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar social policy bill, called the Build Back Better Act, which is all but dead due to moderates’ opposition, would make new investments in education and workforce development in a way that would eventually bring prices down,” reports Fox News.

“OVERSEE” IS PROBABLY TOO STRONG A WORD: Will Joe Biden Oversee The Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar?

“Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell appears to think it’s a possibility, based on his recent quip: ‘It’s possible to have more than one reserve currency.’ This is a staggering admission from the one person who wields the most influence over the dollar.”

SO WE’RE BACK TO ARTICLES LIKE THIS: Feeling the pinch: Ways to budget during an inflation wave.

For months people have been steadily feeling the heat of rising costs for just about everything. Rent, food, and now gas prices are through the roof.

We’re all feeling the pinch, whether it’s at the grocery store or in the car line and filling up the tank.

Data collected by GasBuddy said the national average of fuel is $4.32 a gallon as of March 15, and federal experts estimate groceries will go up by 6% this year.

Pretty sure my grocery bill has gone up 6% this month.

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Washington State House Democrat Says It’s ‘Un-American’ to Blame Biden for Gas Crisis.

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