Pyramids Found At The South Pole/John Kerry Goes To South Pole On Election Day/Buzz Aldrin Flown Out Of South Pole, Tweets Cryptic Message.

by Pamela Williams

I remember thinking how strange it was that John Kerry traveled to the South Pole on Election day.  Of all times for him to leave…on Election day…strange.
Obama recently visited also, so there must be something to see there.  I do know they have recently discovered pyramids.  You can see them from Google Earth.  It is said Aldrin was looking at the photo of these structures when he tweeted the very strange tweet.  It was deleted several hours later.
United States Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Tweeted an ominous message to the world using his official, verified Twitter Account, then strangely deleted the tweet later.  His words: “We are all in danger.  It is evil itself.” and showed a photograph of a pyramid located at the South Pole as show here.
As has been reported by worldwide media, US Secretary of State John Kerry recently traveled to the South Pole, allegedly to become better informed about “Climate Change.” Kerry was the highest ranking US government official ever to visit the South Pole, and his visit struck many as unusual. Few saw any purpose whatsoever to sending America’s top Diplomat to the farthest reaches of the earth to see . . . ice.
I believe now that both Kerry and Aldrin went to the South Pole to view the pyramids.  The first photos of the structures appear,  and then you have both men headed that way.  Aldrin while there became ill and had to be flown out and to a hospital.  While he was at the hospital, he made the cryptic tweet.

Published on Nov 10, 2016

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