Pyramids Found At The South Pole/John Kerry Goes To South Pole On Election Day/Buzz Aldrin Flown Out Of South Pole, Tweets Cryptic Message.

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by Pamela Williams

I remember thinking how strange it was that John Kerry traveled to the South Pole on Election day.  Of all times for him to leave…on Election day…strange.
Obama recently visited also, so there must be something to see there.  I do know they have recently discovered pyramids.  You can see them from Google Earth.  It is said Aldrin was looking at the photo of these structures when he tweeted the very strange tweet.  It was deleted several hours later.
United States Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Tweeted an ominous message to the world using his official, verified Twitter Account, then strangely deleted the tweet later.  His words: “We are all in danger.  It is evil itself.” and showed a photograph of a pyramid located at the South Pole as show here.
As has been reported by worldwide media, US Secretary of State John Kerry recently traveled to the South Pole, allegedly to become better informed about “Climate Change.” Kerry was the highest ranking US government official ever to visit the South Pole, and his visit struck many as unusual. Few saw any purpose whatsoever to sending America’s top Diplomat to the farthest reaches of the earth to see . . . ice.
I believe now that both Kerry and Aldrin went to the South Pole to view the pyramids.  The first photos of the structures appear,  and then you have both men headed that way.  Aldrin while there became ill and had to be flown out and to a hospital.  While he was at the hospital, he made the cryptic tweet.

Published on Nov 10, 2016

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30 thoughts on “Pyramids Found At The South Pole/John Kerry Goes To South Pole On Election Day/Buzz Aldrin Flown Out Of South Pole, Tweets Cryptic Message.

  1. There’s only one problem with this article, Buzz Aldrin is still very much alive, while John Glenn is the astronaut who actually died.

    • So if that is true, where is the South Pole? By your map, it should be the entire ring at the end of the disc? How come a compass will always point to one South Pole spot and not the closest position on the end of the disc? What happens if you’re at the South Pole and keep walking South? Do you fall off? And where do you ultimately land? Why does the moon “rotate” when you change hemispheres?
      Challenging some long-held scientific assumptions is fine with me (e.g. I don’t think there’s sufficient proof for the big bang, and the general theory of relativity may not be as general as everyone assumes), but the shape of the earth is not one worth questioning.

      • You have asked a lot of questions which is good. I had a lot of questions at first as well. However, for me, I believe what the Bible teaches and not what science teaches. Because they are in total contradiction and can’t both be right, I believe the Bible. I too was brainwashed since grade one when there was a globe in every classroom and a picture of a monkey at one end and a man at the other, but since then I have found that neither of these are possible for many reasons, some of which are stated in more detail on my website.

  2. RETRACTION NOTICE: I, Pamela Williams confused the names of the two astronauts Buzz Aldrin and John Glenn. Buzz Aldrin did go to the South Pole and make the tweet. However, John Glenn passed away…NOT BUZZ ALDRIN. I apologize to IWB and to everyone who read this article.

        • Look at it this way – you are willing to admit the mistake and make it right. I know too many leftists who would sooner drink the Jim Jones “kool-aid” than admit they are wrong.

        • Like my grandfather always said, “Sh!t happens”. At least you not only admit to an oops but you correct it and apologize as soon as it’s brought to your attention. Sure wish outlets like.. say… CNN would spend a few days doing nothing but going through all their past broadcasts and pointing out all the stories that were pure fiction and the cause of thousands and thousands of deaths throughout the Middle East and elsewhere. It would also be great if they admitted that they knew, at the time, that they were pumping out fiction but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for ANY honesty from these parasites.
          It truly amazes me that the people that work for these outlets can sleep at night knowing what they have done.

          • Freddy, I cannot thank you enough for your comment. I am still shamed that I could make such a mistake. You are a kind and empathetic individual, and I do not take it for granted. I hope something wonderful happens to you, and you receive the blessing you just gave to me.

    • Since we’re pointing out errors, why does it say at the beginning that Obama recently visited the South Pole, then state that Kerry is the highest ranking US Government official to visit. Wouldn’t POTUS be higher than Sec of State?

  3. If you Google it, there are so many mainstream sources debunking it. Gah!
    Because an old and unwell astronaut goes to Antarctica for his health and John Kerry, the Secretary of State, travels there on election day. Doh!

      • Yeah, funny how they do that! I was exasperated at the time it was written that everything was getting debunked so fast and people were hardcore being led away from getting any real news.

        • Yeah, funny when someone makes a mindless error…unintentional in just one of many stories, it is jumped upon….that is the way of those who just live to make the world a better place.

    • ever heard of a guy named Juvenal? He had a famous quote. “who will watch the watchers?” My point is, the debunkers like Snopes, are full of shit. ESPECIALLY Snopes.
      And learn to not be so trusting of “mainstream sources”. I know that’s crazy talk to you (judging by your comment), but if you can begin to do that, you will be amazed at what opens up to you through your mind. But you have to want to first. That’s how it works.
      Learn to SEE the information that’s available, then learn how to put that information together, and not believe how you are told it goes together.
      think I’m crazy? Everybody we’re supposed to trust told us Iraq had WMD’s, so we invaded it, killed a million + people, and completely destroyed the country. Then we called it “a Mistake” . And the entire country is pretty much ok with that explanation, except for the hand wringing over American lives lost there.
      If you don’t get my point, go think about what I just said, cuz you have some work to do.

  4. Where is the proof?
    If there was alien activity at the South Pole, don’t you think Russia would go public to embarrass the US or the US would go public to embarrass Russia?
    While nothing can be ruled out, I’m inclined to file this into “fake news” until proof (or at least solid evidence) is added.

    • remove the ?t=1481137510 from the Buzz tweet link and the screen shot of it opens.. I have no idea how to get the other link to show up.

  5. Many flags of many nations are planted in the ground in Antarctica. For very important people to go there and want to be there is thought provoking. I saw some NASA space pics with a black hole where the north pole is. Underground cities, artifacts, uranium were mentioned. Much more than is being told I’m sure.

    • You are right. There is a great mystery and wealth of resources there. I would give anything to have access to what the officials have. Someday a major revelation will come from what is buried in that ice. Wish I could live to see the day!

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