QE being QE. 3 month yield has not heard about coming inflation. The three key drivers of inflation are now running at all cylinders.

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Apples-to-Apples, Consumer Price Inflation Is Nearing 1970-Type Numbers

Two-thirds of Americans say beef, chicken prices have skyrocketed

Inflation Forces Investors to Scramble for Solutions: WSJ

Signs that inflation is picking up momentum are adding a new dimension to the post-lockdown market rally, forcing investors to make difficult decisions about how to protect their portfolios.

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Biden Betting on Wage Growth, While GOP Warns of Inflation

The Biden administration recently gave a bit of simple advice to businesses that are unable to find workers: Offer them more money. This recommendation, included in a White House memo about the state of the economy, gets at a fundamental tension in an economy that is returning to full health after the coronavirus pandemic.

Workers’ Wages Are Rising at the Fastest Pace in Years. Companies’ Profits Could Take a Hit

Employers are giving workers raises, which could ultimately nip companies’ bottom lines.


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