Quantum Physics, Time Travel, Paradoxes and the Mandela Effect… here’s how it works

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by AC

Time is made up of several things… the basics.

It is linear when OBSERVED as having occurred between two (or more) events. For example, the start and finish lines at a drag race, with a clock and distance being the measuring factors to determine time at that location, as applied to those vehicles. Observers may experience an event which lasts as long as the clock registers and displays at the end of the race, whereas the driver may be “experiencing” time in a slower or faster fashion, much like one experiences when in an accident and time gets distorted. It exhibits the behavior of causality which we then perceive as “cause and effect” and also a forward, progressing or advancing movement of time in one direction.

But what is time then? Is it absolute and therefore can it be recorded, synchronized to and accurately accounted for by any measuring devices man can create (from atomic clocks, to lasers, to Swiss timepieces, etc.)? Or is time attached to some other aspect of nature, such as the constant of light and why those who are placed in “sensory deprivation” style environments (a float tank, DMT or Ayahuasca trip, a solitary confinement room with lights on and no windows, a casino, going to sleep at night) then removed from the passage of time as a result?

This being said, on Quantum: When a quantum “observer” is watching Quantum mechanics states that particles can also behave as waves. This can be true for electrons at the submicron level, i.e., at distances measuring less than one micron, or one thousandth of a millimeter. When behaving as waves, they can simultaneously pass through several openings in a barrier and then meet again at the other side of the barrier. This “meeting” is known as interference.

Strange as it may sound, interference can only occur when no one is watching. Once an observer begins to watch the particles going through the openings, the picture changes dramatically: if a particle can be seen going through one opening, then it’s clear it didn’t go through another. In other words, when under observation, electrons are being “forced” to behave like particles and not like waves. Thus the mere act of observation affects the experimental findings.

And again, depending on the observer, the SAME amount of time, as agreed upon and measured by two or more parties, can be argued on by the observer who is the most directly affected by that time event. If in the center of an Earthquake, what took mere seconds could feel like minutes. In a boxing ring, what felt like forever in the ring was 3 minutes for the outside viewers. For great sex, what felt like seconds could have been minutes, or hours. And the list goes on and on.

Okay, with all of this now shared, I’ll give you the following. I’ve shared it before and this is the last time.

1st dimension = Thought
– You think of something in your head, an idea.

2nd dimension = Thought-Formed
– You then define that idea further, by giving it more details, it’s now rooted in your mind’s eye clearly, it’s size, color, materials it will be built out of.

3rd dimension = Thought-Formed-Reality(static or suspended)
– You manifest that 1d/2d inception/concept into a physical manifestation made from matter substance available.

4th dimension = Thought-Formed-Reality-Realized(full scope of)
– The object has properties to it, weight, rate of decay, functionality, mechanics, possibly movement

I use the term “realized” as when an event occurs, or an object is first brought into reality, people examine it and often say, “But what is it?” This of course is helped along if that object resembles something that is already in their patterned thinking and understood before… say like a new car (4 wheels, doors, headlights, obvious), but if it is truly a new invention, truly a new innovation, and one that doesn’t conform to anything ever designed, then it is often met with some degree of resistance, skepticism and even at times, fear (like the Wright Brothers and those who said, “This will never work!”).

TIME needs to be realized (understood) by an individual in order to make use of that time, within that event occurrence. That is, every object that comes into reality (our 3rd dimension) is subject to certain rates of decay and therefore, duration, within our collective reality. For example…

A cinder block has a longer rate of decay than does a banana, yes? Each is subjected to the same measure of time that we commonly use (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years), and true, each one has mitigating factors which can increase accelerate that decay based on what object is made of (heat, cold, damp, etc.). However, even though I used the words “cement block” and “banana”, what if I was more specific and said that the banana was made of titanium, perhaps an art piece even?

Well, thankfully this discussion isn’t about semantics, this is about Time and we all know that a cinder block is more durable than a banana (the fruit) in almost every application. But what I am trying to explain about Time is this.

Time MUST BE OBSERVED AND EXPERIENCED in order to be understood and realized. That is, one needs to know that a seed planted in the ground, watched, takes a while to bud and grow. A boiling point of water less. A paper cut, even quicker. Fall asleep for the entire length of a trip by air travel and you would barely know that you flew the entire way there, yes?

How does this all apply to Quantum Physics, Time Travel, Paradoxes and the Mandela Effect? Here you go…

There is one other state though, one which violates the 1d/2d/3d/4d principle order of things. It’s been researched and sought after by many magicians and practitioners of the dark arts, monks, those who meditate, New Agers, dreamers, writers and even many secretly funded (military and scientific) researchers who know about it, but not how to fully control or capitalize on it in the 3d/4d physical world… The 5th Dimension, Tao Time or Real Time.

It’s the stuff that the “Age of Aquarius” and manifesting your reality comes from. It bypasses the normal process and begins and ends in the 5th. It’s why scientists are trying to build a device (CERN) to have control over it… and something more.

Instead of 1d/2d/3d/4d creation, you would now have 5d/1d/2d creation which then takes root in the 3d/4d physical reality as we know it. Another term used for it is “Wishing”.

Operating from the 5th Dimensional mindset and the process of creation is instantaneous. There is one, very documented and widely known demonstration of this, both in Genesis 1 with the creation and again, later, in John 1 the same (as this then passed on into mankind).

It’s this same train of thought, that magicians would use for centuries, when speaking certain “magical words of manifestation” such as ABRACADABRA, Alakazam or similar.

Now one might wonder, how so many people, religious, spiritual, scientifically minded or even superstitious, could come to believe in the power of mere words, let alone, giving credence to the idea that there were magical ones? Those who have become serious practitioners and in studying any of the magical arts and occult, have done so with great dedication, their own faith as well as truly believing that at some point, their words will become more and more than mere words, but to take on a property so as to have an affect on the physical world and therefore, bestowing them with power (power of levitation for instance or telekinesis, true mind over matter).

How then does this relate to the science of Quantum Physics and then into Time Travel, Paradoxes and the Mandela Effect? Because what scientist are doing now is just that (and some wonder why there is occult like behavior around the Nazis and their UFO programs, or Shiva (the God of transformation and destruction) at CERN? Because they are searching for “THE GOD PARTICLE” and by that, they mean to isolate, what they believe, is a type of particular that possesses the 5th dimensional qualities which I am explaining above.

These “Yahoos” (I call them that because they really are like dangerous cowboys riding blindly into unknown territory) are playing with dangerous science here, however, they may very well have been led to the discovery of what they were looking for.

In doing so, their ability to manifest reality out of “nothingness” is in its infantile stages. Their own tests have taken them in the direction of Time Travel, as opposed to true manifesting in the 5th dimension within our present time instead. Why? Because time has a signature and residual energy of its own. Objects created and having 4d time applied to them can be traced back to their origin. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed and so, they went that way first.

In doing so (and this may go back to the Philadelphia experiment or even farther beyond that, to projects that have never been disclosed), they had results in tests which were considered anomalies and data they considered “errors” as it didn’t conform to the results of the tests they were testing for. Imagine testing a substance for heat resistance but then in applying heat, you discover that it then becomes 1,000 times harder than steel… but then totally susceptible to any degree of heat over a mere 100 degrees Fahrenheit? Success or failure then? Application to be used in extreme cold weather situations and therefore a scientific breakthrough?

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When these scientists realized they could interact and even cause murmurs, hiccups or vibrations in time, they honed in on what those processes were and then came to the conclusion that in order to have more control over the experiment, to do what they really wanted to do, they needed more power… enter, CERN and Quantum computers. Now they had the ability to affect matter (not create or destroy it… yet), but only at one juncture, the state between 2nd/3rd, where “reality” takes hold into birthing into this world.

Think of this as the equivalent of following every ingredient and step in baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies sans one, you used salt instead of sugar. Same recipe, same finished looking cooking, still a chocolate chip cookie, until… you bite into it. Then, the memory of a delicious, Toll’s House or Mom’s recipe is immediately replaced by a salty, disgusting taste instead. Enter, the Mandela Effect.

And those are the “targets” of these experiments at this time, localized (because Time is made of locales, not linear, but jump points based on focus of direction, like a lens) events and therefore, easier to control, on a small scale. Because ALL OTHER MATTER was already affected (say with a movie, the production of physical VHS or DVDS, posters and merchandise), as well as the long standing memory (a memory is a 3d/4d event which is then stored back in 2d brain matter. It can be recalled and recreated later on if the memory is intact, like a recipe one knows by heart, or a song played on the piano) and so, the residual effects of a Mandela Effect event continues to linger for those most directly exposed to it, as opposed to the masses of those who never saw it in its first incarnation. Younger people therefore, wouldn’t remember an event the same way some would argue that it has been “M.E. affected”, as they weren’t around when it first took place and only knew it as the altered version which now exists as a result.

Here’s the problem for scientists now.

They don’t have enough power to effect LARGE Mandela Effect events, say on the scale of changing the outcome of 9/11 or similar, or ultimately, to erase and rewrite history all together, so as to eventually create a closed loop so as to better control the masses and the narrative of what’s yet to come (the ending some call the rapture or Armageddon). Think the Matrix or Dark City here when one tries to think, “But what was before a certain date or place or event?”

Could this be why they are looking to build a larger collider now? Does it make sense when you consider how large the one they have now is? Is it even justified? Only if they have a predetermined use for it that they aren’t disclosing to anyone else. Think about it. How can you justify that much in resources and scientists working on a project because you simply “have a hunch or theory” you are trying to figure out and the cost of finding out if your idea is correct or now requires what it does for CERN, or something now four times larger? Talk about having faith (something science isn’t ever noted for).

Because the 5th dimension is Tao Time, Real Time, it is not limited by conditions of this physical world and all of its laws. Point A to Point B is not limited by space/distance/speed and the time measured to get from one to another. Even processes, which must follow the known laws of chemistry and other sciences, that occur in nature (like a tree coming from seed and going through many processes over a long period of time), can be created instantaneously in the 3rd/4th (our world, this place called life) by a mere thought or word (vibration).

As for what that word is, it can be anything if it is realized by the one uttering and interpreting it. By definition, “In linguistics, a word is the smallest element that can be uttered in isolation with objective or practical meaning. … The term word may refer to a spoken word or to a written word, or sometimes to the abstract concept behind either.”

Therefore, as I mentioned above, with Genesis in the Bible, God could easily create the world we have now, and everything in it, with the simply thought of it, and/or world to set it into a vibration, thereby giving it a property which then created the atomic structure of things in this 3d/4d dimensional reality (as all atoms vibrate).

All the matter ever needed, or would be needed, may have come from this initial utterance and perhaps, one day, when we have the ability or tools to measure it as such, we might be able to examine atoms and see that they in fact have a “timestamp” on them, when they were created so to speak… no different than looking at a battery or a container of yogurt and seeing the same “Made on” date in regards to expiration, duration, potency or longevity.

If this is what scientists are looking for, with Quantum computing and CERN type devices, then the next step is going to be a refocusing of the lens and creating “useful matter” out “nothing” (which we know is actually matter which just hasn’t been utilized yet) and possibly help make the world a better place for it? With this might come the ability to alter atomic structures of things all together so that those atoms could then become something useful (maybe taking depleted uranium in its dense mass and transforming it into tons and tons of milk or some other food product to feed the poor?)

The Age of Aquarius and other Namby-Pamby New Age hope

If you can dream it, we can build it… or as the great Illuminati and Satanist, Walt Disney, once said, “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” (Had to do that for all you conspiracy woo-woos here who always shoot the messenger and message, no matter how much truth is contained within it)

Within the circles of many who practice visualization and manifestation techniques in all of the modern yoga, meditation and similar practices use similar mantras of “Fake it til’ you make it” or “You can create your own reality”, there are many who have a deeper belief that you can actually alter or affect reality by mere thought alone, even manipulating it.

Whether this be mere “placebo effect” or the true, temporary unlocked potential, within the human mind, where people use this to then demonstrate it with the healing arts of Reiki, Acupuncture or similar. The mind being a powerful instrument (and necessary to contain, control and operate within the 1d/2d construct), when an individual is afflicted or mentally affected in their mental processes, they are then impaired in the 3d/4d world as a result. We can all agree that although the true person is still there, one who in the late stages of dementia or someone going through a psychotic break or manic episode, is temporarily (or permanently) incapacitated and therefore, cannot operate or function properly in the physical world as a result, yes?

What does this all mean in regards to the 5th dimension?

Operating within the 5th dimensional space is both a very dangerous and highly responsible thing. The entire process and why we are limited to working within the boundaries of the 1d/2d/3d/4d “slow method” of doing things daily is so that we can self-correct, practice or repeat and try to make right the thing we may have done incorrectly before. This includes self-improvement, wisdom, evolution (especially spiritually) and even maturity (hopefully with much wisdom).

If someone who has ulterior or selfish motives, is ego driven or narcissistic, power hungry, a megalomaniac or has a God complex (the proverbial evil dictator in every movie), then having access to such power or ability (whether by scientific and technological means or natural ability unlocked within the human condition), the effects could be disastrous for all others around them, as well as violate (what many of us have been taught) as being one of the most coveted and special trait that humans have over all other creatures in the known world… free will.

This is the beauty of the laws of the universe (at present) in that, currently, our free will, is limited by a wall or boundary that science can’t break through… yet. That boundary is access to the 5th dimension as I have outlined above. It means that if someone wants to dominate another, they have to use the traditional and conventional means available (money, power, threats, leverage, weapons) and therefore, risk harm or imprisonment to themselves if caught.

Final conclusion…

We are at a precipice, one we’ve (possibly) never been at before. Or, perhaps like the Mayans (and similar) they did arrive there, but were of a group mindset and higher consciousness that they were able to manifest away from this lower density world and transport themselves to a new one?

I’ve noticed a few things that have been pushed, even forced on the masses, over the past 20 years and it’s truly worrisome in that, it’s as if they are trying to reinforce the thought so that it takes root in a 5th dimensional construct and then manifests here in reality.

– Vampires, demons and zombies manifesting on Earth. This theme is way too overused to be called mere entertainment, yet, it still continues to pervade.
– Lack of any Utopian society portrayed that doesn’t require sacrifice of the masses and only for the limited elite. Elysium, Tomorrowland, In Time.
– The Flat Earth theory. Not only has it come back, with a vengeance, but in a very scripted and cult like manner. So much so that the Mandel Effect took early root within the Flat Earth circles so that one seems to be married to the other in many of them. Could they be working on this so as to eventually M.E. the Earth with a Flat Earth, thereby truly capturing people here instead of providing access off world?

I’m sure there are many more, but I just wanted you to know. Some of us have done our own research and worked at places like JPL, ITT, Darpa and similar. We’ve been compartmentalized from working with the very same colleagues we might have coffee, lunch or BBQ’s with.

I know what I’ve personally seen demonstrated, what experiences I’ve had and what I’ve been exposed to in this current life cycle. 99.90% of it has been vanilla, day in/day out minutiae and not worth noting. But that .0010% (which out of 47.2 years on the planet is still 17.228 days worth of experiences) that’s quite a bit of phenomena and experiences which I can’t fully explain or account for.

I won’t go into the details of it all, except to say, it’s enough for me to know that this physical world and what we think is reality, is prone to this phenomena, at every moment. If I’ve experienced 17.228 days worth of it, then multiply that by 7 Billion people and come up with 330,400,000 days worth of crazy, unexplainable crap (using this number considering some will have considerably less experiences while others many more) that science can’t readily explain away… yet.

That’s it, I’m done. I hope this hits a few of you in the way it was intended, with care and love. That is, to know that you’re not crazy, that phenomena is going on around us constantly and that you’re not alone in taking note of it and/or making remarks about it.

Ignore the naysayers and keep on looking for the truth!


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