Quick Take on the Oil Scarcity Scam

by Chris Black

China is back to 90% of pre-covid levels, the US and Europe aren’t anywhere close, and that supports oil at $100+? 

Can someone remind the ass-hats that when China was using more oil than they are now, oil was trading at $45 and we had gas under $2?

The United States became a net exporter of oil, and has been a net exporter of refined products for decades.

That means the US can survive without imported oil very easily if exports were banned. 

Of course that would cut off the ability to outsource production of everything to the third world, since the third world requires refined product from the US to exist.

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Because most of that product is being exported, demand in the USA is being flushed down the toilet. 

Our energy independence is being sold out from under us so the likes of Biden can get their 10%.

Oil is down to $100 but wholesale gasoline is trading above $3.65. 

At that price retail gasoline should be $2.60, but we are still stuck right under $5. 

Why? So US refiners can attempt to undercut Russia selling oil to China, India, and the rest of Asia.

Keep voting Democrat and then sit around wondering why your nation went from a first world nation to a third world shithole.


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