The GOP Is Completely Inept

by Chris Black

Even taking race out of it, so many GOP congressmen, like this guy, are football players and minor celebrities, i.e. totally depoliticized.

What’s the Democrat equivalent? Most of the Democrats are professional activists/ideologues, lawyers, labor union people, academics, etc.

Occasionally they will trot out a Jewish comedian like Al Franken, whose “comedy” has always been a tool for promoting his political agenda.

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It’s obvious which side is meant to write laws and govern, and which side is a loosely political reality TV show.

I would not interpret the GOP’s strategic choices with what their voters want.

I was surprised to see that the other day, polls show that Joe Biden and the Democrats are historically unpopular, yet the GOP, who you would assume would benefit from this, have a surprisingly slim projected 2 point advantage overall in key upcoming congressional races.

Voters want representatives capable of defending their rights, not this junk.


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