R value in Germany rises to 1.15.. Second wave coming. If Germany can’t deal with opening no western country will do this easily..

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via DW

Germany’s R number rose to about 1.1, meaning that every infected patient passes the coronavirus to more than one other person. Meanwhile, protesters across Germany slammed isolation measures. Follow DW for the latest.

  • The virus reproduction rate hit around 1.1 in Germany, but officials warned of “insecurities” in predicting a long-term trend
  •  Thousands of people have demonstrated in German cities to protest the restrictions on public life that have been put in place
  • Former US President Barack Obama has described Donald Trump’s handling of the outbreak as “chaotic”
  • Belarus has commemorated Victory Day with tens of thousands of people in close proximity

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23:59 We have now closed this article. For the latest updates, see Coronavirus latest: More than 4 million global cases

21:52 In an escalation of his dispute with California officials, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has threatened to move the company’s factory and headquarters out of the state. Coronavirus restrictions by the Alameda County Health Department have stopped Tesla from reopening its factory in Fremont.

”Frankly, this is the final straw,” Musk said on Twitter. ”Tesla will now move its HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately.” He added that Tesla plans to file a lawsuit against Alameda County.

An order, issued to curb the spread of coronavirus in the San Francisco Bay Area, forced the company to shutter its Fremont factory on March 23. The order was later extended until the end of May. Ever since the release of Tesla’s first-quarter earnings on April 29, Musk has spoken against the restrictions, calling them fascist. He has also asked the governments to stop taking away people’s “freedom.”





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