Rachel Maddow Announces NATIONWIDE Russiagate Conspiracy Protest

Rachel Maddow Announces MASSIVE RussiaGate Conspiracy Protest. Reporting first, Maddow highlights a coalition of Russiagate conspiracy theorists demanding the unredacted release of the Mueller report because they refuse to believe there is no collusion or no obstruction.

Maddow falsely reported that Robert Mueller was not assisting Bill Barr with redactions and was corrected in real time. But this clear failure to understand what is happening may be why Rachel Maddow keeps spreading misinformation. However, a more likely reason for the constant conspiracy nonsense is the lucrative nature of this narrative. MSNBC announced that Maddow was #1 in the ratings for the first quarter three days short of the end of March. In reality Maddow’s ratings fell nearly 20% when the conspiracy narrative ended, thus she actually dropped.

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But the Trump bump is huge for Maddow, shes built herself up from this story and is not letting go. And now we see the results, massive nationwide protests.