Nellie Ohr Lied About Ham Radio To Congress

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Nellie Ohr is the wife of DOJ official Bruce Ohr.  Nellie Ohr, a specialist in Russian matters, was also a contract employee of the CIA for multiple years.  In September 2015 Nellie Ohr approached her former colleague at Fusion GPS (Glenn Simpson) for a job.

Nellie Ohr was hired as a contract agent by Fusion to work on the ‘Trump Project’ assembling political opposition research that was later shared with another Fusion GPS contract employee, Christopher Steele, and compiled into the ‘Steele Dossier’.

It always seemed sketchy that at the same time Nellie Ohr began communicating with Christopher Steele and other governmental participants associated with the Steele Dossier, May 2016, she applied for a Ham Radio License [FCC LINK]:

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During congressional testimony, Nellie Ohr was asked when and why she obtained the Ham radio operators license.  Ms. Ohr testified she obtained the license in 2015, “well before” she began working for Fusion GPS.   Obviously this statement conflicts with the public FCC record showing she obtained the license in May 2016.

(Transcript Link)

Just to make sure the public FCC link date was accurate, Techno Fog filed a FOIA requestto verify the application and approval date.  The result was confirmation of May 23, 2016:

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The application date matches the FCC public information record of May 23rd, 2016.  So it’s now confirmed that Nellie Ohr lied to congress.

If, as Mrs Ohr claimed, this was just taking up a hobby, an innocuous and unrelated event in the life of a former CIA contract employee, then why lie about it?

The lie is specific:

It would appear there’s much more to this….



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