Rachel Maddow CAN’T. STOP. LYING

by Lalocheziaq

and even more blatant examples of MSNBC and specifically Rachel Maddow malpractice we see that Rachel Maddow is once again lying to push the DNC narrative and perpetuate Obama is unsubstantiated and racist conspiracy theories

She is directly lying about what’s going on in order to push a narrative and mislead her viewers. She does exactly what she accuses Fox News of doing

In the video she is claiming that AG Barr is reviewing the Mueller report on his own (which by the way there’s no reason that that would be a bad thing) and she also goes on to talk about how he was “hand icked” (what else would he be? That’s literally how the Attorney General works. The president chooses. She might rather have Obama choose the Attorney General but that’s not how it works)

Anyway she goes on too heavily imply that AG Barr is somehow untrustworthy to review the report by himself. But the ticker at the bottom of the screen outright states that Robert Mueller is helping him to review it. The Ticker on her own channel is debunking the things that she sa

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