Rand Paul: “All of the naysayers in Washington will be against him. But, guess what? If you ask the American people, this is why President Trump won the election.”

by Shepyd

Country over party. If you ask someone why we were in Syria you’ll either get a response of because we are overthrowing Assad, to fight ISIS, or just a blank stare.

If we are there to over throw Assad then are we supporting ISIS?? ISIS doesn’t like Assad and wants to overthrow him.

Fighting ISIS is exactly what we accomplished and you pulled out. Done.

But now we are told to stay because of Iran. Ahhhh so the next intervention you want is Iran I see.

Or we are told because muh Russia. I’m sorry that’s not why we intervened in Syria and Russia greatly aided in airstrikes against ISIS.

After all of this back and forth you’ll just get a blank stare in return. They might start to realize what they’re absorbing and preaching. Warmonger media propaganda.