Rand Paul stuns Senate hearing room by saying parents should have the right to NOT vaccinate their children and is dressed down by Republican colleague who’s also a doctor

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  • The Kentucky said he and family members had been vaccinated 
  • But he said he didn’t favor giving up liberty for a ‘false sense of security’
  • He made his statement amid a measles outbreak that is endangering children
  • Vaccine is considered safe and beneficial
  • Measles had been declared eliminated in 2000 
  • Parents who don’t vaccinate their children can pose risks to infants and others who have not been vaccinated if there is an outbreak 
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Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky stunned a Senate hearing room Tuesday by declaring vaccination requirements are at odds with ‘liberty.’

Paul, a libertarian who is a close ally of President Trump, spoke during a Senate Health committee hearing intended to highlight the risks to the general population when families don’t get their children vaccinated.

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‘It is wrong to say that there are no risks to vaccines,’ said Paul, a Repubilcan. ‘Even the government admits that children are sometimes injured by vaccines,’ he continued. ‘I still don’t favor giving up on liberty for a false sense of security.’

The hearing was titled: ‘Vaccines Save Lives: What Is Driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks?’


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