Rasmussen: Joe Biden’s Job Approval Craters Overnight

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In the daily Rasmussen poll, His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s job approval rating took a real dive overnight. What had been a fairly respectable (but falling) 46 percent approval, 53 percent disapproval rating on Monday is now a 44 percent approval, 55 percent disapproval rating.

In one night, the sociopath Joe Biden lost a net four points, and there is nothing — and I mean nothing — on the horizon that will turn this catastrophe around.

Things are even more dire for Slow Joe in the latest USA Today poll, where his approval swan-dived to just 41 percent, while 55 percent disapprove. In worse news for His Fraudulency, only half “approved of his handling of the pandemic, 39% of his handling of the economy, 26% of his handling of the Afghan withdrawal.”

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The Rasmussen gap in Biden’s strong approval and strong disapproval rating is also something else. In May, only 33 percent strongly disapproved of Joe Biden, while 29 percent strongly approved — a gap of just -4 points. Today, a near majority of 47 percent strongly disapprove, while only 26 percent strongly approve, a -21 point gap.

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Everything’s going to shit under Biden. The fascist and anti-science coronavirus lunacy, the economy, our southern border, inflation, violent crime… And now, because he’s a doddering old fool who never should’ve been allowed to run for president, Islamic terrorists, our mortal enemies, the Taliban, are in total control of his presidency.




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