Real Estate Prices Hit RECORD HIGH! There’s Just 1 Problem… Nobody Can Afford It

Let me know where you live and how much the average home is selling for.

Toronto – $1 million

When we look at real estate prices, we see unsustainable rises. Look around the major cities in US and the rest of the world. It’s simply unaffordable to the general public. As a result, more people are turning to rent their homes. As a result, vacancies are lower. With lower vacancy rates, landlords raise their rents. It’s a vicious circle. Housing has become such a large expenditure and it’s getting very close to the breaking point.


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Run-up in home prices is “not sustainable:” Realtors’ chief economist


avg housing growth march 2018 CS.jpg (890×629)

Median-Price_Sep-SFD-Condo_by-Quarter_Short-termV2.jpg (835×625)

Case-Shiller_US-National_vs_SF-High-Tier_Cycles-from-1987.jpg (835×626)

MedianPrices_3-Month-Rolling_SFD-Condo-sep_since-2005.jpg (835×627)

Appreciation_SF-Condos_since-2000.JPG (850×478)

Population_SF_METRO-AREA_by_year_since-2010_census.jpg (835×626)

Employment-Bay-Area_6-Counties_since-2000.jpg (835×626)

SF-New-Housing-Units-Completed_since-1995.jpg (835×625)

SF-New-Housing_Projects-Filed-Authorized.jpg (835×630)

Updated San Francisco Real Estate Report – May 2018 | PARAGON

2018-05-29_6-04-48.jpg (890×466)


divergence-hh-income-vs-hh-cost-to-own.png (963×700)


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