Real Estate Starting to Go Belly Up Down Under

By Harry Dent

I just got back from Australia…

A five-city tour: Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane…

I was gone for 11 days… eight on the ground.

And man! What a trip.

Never mind the endless travelling or the horrific jetlag…

This was one of my best tours yet; and a particularly unusual one because I was there earlier in the year. Usually I visit Australia – my favorite country in the world – only once a year. This year, they brought me back TWICE because of what’s going on there.

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“What’s going on there?”

Glad you asked…

Harry Dent Recaps Trip to Australia, Talks Real Estate

Just returning from his recent trip to Australia, Harry Dent recaps his tour and conversations about the country's demographics, real estate and other economic indicators.Get a copy of Harry's latest real estate research information and forecasts on what's to come:

Posted by Economy and Markets on Friday, November 30, 2018


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