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by Thinker

Water is food and is the giver of life, so when Libya said it was going to feed all of Africa with its newly discovered aquifer that would last two hundred years only eyebrows raised. Fifteen years later and the circles of green could be seen from satellites raised concern.

The green oasis in Libya made by Gaddaf’s Mandmade River
A nation with little debt, 35 cents for a gallon of gas, FREE Education anywhere in the world for citizens, and monthly checks from the government with LOVE. Can you see why Obama/Clinton destroyed this nation? To much love for all of Africa and its own people. A new day has risen and the people of Libya are not forgotten in the eyes of the Creator. We shall reap what we sow. Give only the things in life you wish to have returned to you tenfold.

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When Gaddafi said they were giving up the U.S. dollar, then the “deep state” for a new world order came to do what they have been doing for decades. Sending in the slaves to put blood on their hands for their masters. Not much has changed since slavery was abolished, its in another form and slaves get checks but do sign their rights away to have them. Libya was a gold mine for whoever wanted to make the first move. Oil, gold, and billions of dollars for the winner and guess who it was? Where did all the stolen assets of Libya go and what did Obama say to other nations if they wanted to abandon ship?

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Don’t assume all Americans are BAD because of a few “EVIL” ones. It’s VERY OFFENSIVE. America is a diverse country made up of many ethnic groups, cultures, and religions. We don’t all agree with every elected official’s policies and we have the freedom and the right to express our disapproval without fear of retribution. That’s the beauty of America and just one of the reasons the United States is loved and hated by many. People from all over the world risk their lives to come here for the opportunity to make a better life. Make no mistake, the United States is not perfect and isn’t an angel. However, I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND I LOVE MY COUNTRY.


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