Real Reasons for #EmptyShelvesJoe in US Grocery Stores

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Will Scarlett
Not a truck problem. I have a trucking company and I quit doing port work because the port delayed my drivers so much they lost work.

Ports are operated by foreign companies

Scott & Jill Arman
I work in logistics and we deliver to ports, I can totally agree with you on this one.

They make the truckers wait for hours to check in and unload. And they only work certain hours and get every damn holiday known off.

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Bad Kitty For Congress Cat face with wry smileRose
APL Limited, controlled by the Singapore gov, operates ports in LA, Oakland, Seattle and Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

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Chinese government-owned companies control terminals in the Port of LA and other West Coast ports, as well as both ends of the Panama Canal.


h/t NotStarvingActress

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