RECALL PETITIONS IN 6 STATES: California, Idaho, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota and Nevada are currently pursuing a recall of their tyrant governor

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by uvontheterrible

These are real recall petitions going through the proper channels to recall the governors in these states.

Don’t confuse these with online petitions you may have signed which will not lead to an actual recall.

Please sign the petitions (if you live in the relevant state), volunteer, donate, and most of all, * SPREAD THE WORD *.


States with approved recall petitions and CURRENTLY COLLECTING SIGNATURES:

CALIFORNIA: California Recall Web Page – California Facebook Page – 160 days to collect signatures, starting June 10th.

IDAHO: Idaho Recall Web Page – Idaho Facebook Page

OREGON: Oregon Recall Web Page – Oregon Facebook Page – Approved as of June 3rd. Note: There may be multiple, active recall petitions in Oregon.

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States with approved recall petitions but not yet collecting signatures:

MICHIGAN: Michigan Recall Web Page – Michigan Facebook Page – Signature collection begins July 1st, then there is a 60 day window to collect signatures.

MINNESOTA: Minnesota Recall Web Page – Minnesota Facebook Page – Signature collection will begin once the group completes a process in the state supreme court, currently underway.


States with recall petitions not yet approved:

NEVADA: Nevada Recall Web Page – Nevada Facebook Page – This group previously attempted a recall but could not collect the

necessary signatures due to the lockdowns. They are currently working to get a new recall petition approved. Currently looking for signature collectors sign up here.




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