Recently released text messages between top US Diplomats reveal that the “PRESIDENT HAS BEEN CRYSTAL CLEAR NO QUID PRO QUO OF ANY KIND.”

Link to full document

Dems: Wait. Quid pro quo isn’t the reason Trump should be impeached. It’s because he’s using foreign governments to meddle in our elections, to eliminate Biden as a candidate.

READ  During a CNN meeting James O'Keefe informs CNN President that their past 2 months worth of phone calls would be released to the public. His reaction is priceless!

Me: Isn’t that what Obama, HRC and the DNC did in 2016 to try to eliminate Trump?

Dem: No! It’s different. Trump and his family had business dealings with Russia. He was friendly toward Putin. It was imperative that Obama admin thoroughly investigate using all our IC resources to make sure our country is safe. We don’t want a corrupt and compromised President who will be subject to the will of other countries!

READ  This is an astonishing chart by Deutsche Bank. The surge in debt-to-GDP level between Q4 2019 and Q3 2020 is just unprecedented.

Me: Uh? Duh? Look at this photograph…


h/t Knowmadicsoul