Recession Doesn’t Exist When the Adults Are Back in Charge

by Chris Black

Technical recession means 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

That’s the accepted definition for investors.

Not in clown world it isn’t.

We’re not in a recession; we’re in a period of economic growth that’s characterized by a decline in GDP in two successive quarters. Two totally different things.

I mean, these people are utter morons, or they think you are a moron.

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And they may be right, because regardless of what they do (steal elections, lie, deceit, turn your kids trans, destroying the economy, opening up the borders etc.) the people still vote them into power.

Cheap energy drives growth in the economy.

It’s not rocket science.

They could easily solve the problem if they START PUMPING OIL.

But their goal is to make you poor and eat bugs.


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