Record Bullion Sales Creating Shortages

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James Anderson on Palisades Gold Radio

Tom welcomes back James Anderson from SD Bullion. James discusses the above-average volume of gold that moved into the US last year. The Comex has delivered a considerable amount, but he remains skeptical of their reserve claims.

SLV has had some enormous single-day inflows of silver, and he suspects JP Morgan must have leased them much of that silver.

James discusses how silver is reaching all-time highs in currencies like Mexico and India. Mexico is responsible for about quareter of global production. He expects demand from India to increase, particularly over the coming years.

M2 is up 26% year on year, which is an unprecedented increase. Arguably, gold is becoming cheap at these levels, considering the amount of money printing and today’s bond yields.

Silver is on the cusp of breaking out, and he thinks we could see $50 surprisingly fast. He argues that at some point, they are going to let gold start to move up.

He gives some examples of why today’s stock markets are almost crazier now than in the late 1990s. The Fed is working to keep everything propped up, but gold and silver should ultimately outperform the stock markets.

Stock buybacks are driving share prices higher and act as a wealth transfer mechanism for insiders. Gold and silver remain an easy bet considering everything that is happening.

James discusses the platinum markets and explains why today’s price is an anomaly. Platinum today is currently quite undervalued.

Overall, James remains convinced that we are on the cusp of some amazing things in the precious metals markets.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Bullion Demand
7:49 – SLV Inflows
11:19 – Silver Supply
12:36 – The Case For $200 Silver
15:44 – Mexican Silver & India
18:23 – M2 Money Supply
20:50 – Silvers Potential
23:25 – S&P Ratios & Bubbles
29:52 – Buybacks & Insiders
32:57 – Platinum Uses
36:45 – Politics & Moar Stimulus
38:16 – Wrap Up

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