Record Heat 2018 Exaggerated and Here’s Why

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With the media over the last week screaming the world is frying and scaring the Europeans saying it would be over 50C which is over 125F this all turned out to be false. The hottest in Spain was 46C at one location with a host of others at 45C and everything else below that, and those were only 2pm day time temps, it got cool in the evenings to the high 80F range or 28-30C. Global temoaratures are registering 0.32C above the 30 year average so in my opinion it is a full push to control the narrative and keep the CO2 myth going as global crop yields decline and food prices rise. Powers that be dont want you to know that this is a 20 year event of cooling, you may panic and pull your funds out of the banks and markets. The mis-truths will be pushed until the end.


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