RED ALERT: Trump Just Signed The CLOUD ACT. Gives Governments Across the World Access to Your Personal Online Info – Prepare to be DOXXED

Trump Just Signed The CLOUD ACT. This Gives Governments Across the World Access to Your Personal Information Regarding All of Your Online Activity. Prepare to be DOXXED

Doesn’t matter what you feel or believe, Trump just guaranteed a loss in 2020 and America needs to prepare for that probable eventuality.

Americans will vote him out just like Bush simply because of spite with the knowledge that at least with a DNC controlled government, we can get this shit show on the road when the 2nd Amendment is repealed.

What Trump didn’t factor in with this Bill is that this slow, methodically painful ripping offf of the proverbial band aid on this mortal wound we call the ESTABLISHMENT GLOBALISTS is that Americans know what the ultimate objective is in this spoon fed overthrow of our Republic which is transforming America into a Communist/Socialist/Feudalist hybrid known as CHINESE GLOBALISM.

For Trump to admit that even he doesn’t know what’s in it and yet he still signed it should terrify all of you knowing damn well the ESTABLISHMENT wrote every word.

Trump is either guilty and is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION or he is about to invoke the NDAA for a massive military conflict and will become America’s first PUPPET dictator during World War 3.