How to surf the web anonymously and keep Chrome from tracking you

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from CNBC:

When you surf the web using Chrome or any other browser, your computer saves some of the data on websites you’re visiting as part of your browser history. Chrome doesn’t need to collect that data, particularly if you want to surf the web more anonymously.

Here’s how to browse the web without being tracked.

Use a VPN

First, you’ll want to use a VPN. We recently published a guide on how to install and use one. A VPN, or virtual private network, allows you to connect to the internet in a more secure manner and helps to prevent from others on the same network from seeing what you’re doing.

You can think of it like surfing the web through a steel tube, where your data is much harder to see and collect. It’s particularly important to use a VPN when you’re surfing from a public Wi-Fi network, such as those in coffee shops or hotels.

I recommend and pay for PIA, better known as “Private Internet Access” but there are plenty of options out there…

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