RED FLAG: George Soros has just transferred $18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundation. Something is brewing…

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It has just been reported as of 3 hours ago that George Soros has just transferred a staggering $18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundation, prompting question and concern.
Something big is brewing….

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10 thoughts on “RED FLAG: George Soros has just transferred $18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundation. Something is brewing…

  1. I didn’t think he was worth that much. So if it was not his money….JUST WHO DID IT BELONG TO THEN? Something is very fishy here. It sounds more like he’s financing the coming COMMUNIST MOVEMENT around the world……

  2. Did George Soros disclose his Nazi collaboration on his USA immigration papers?
    I guarantee he did NOT, because he would not have been admitted.
    Therefore he LIED on his immigration forms and his “admittance” to America is NULL & VOID.
    Deport Soros & his SPAWN to their native Hungary (which has an arrest warrant for WWII out on him).
    Not one more PEEP about the holoCOST —— ALL the Soros Family money should be forfeit ….. it was founded on money stolen from Jewish victims of the Holocaust and should ALL be handed over as reparations ———— Or was there NO holocaust?! There was NO holocaust — if there had been Israel & Jews everywhere would be DEMANDING George Soros be HANGED. Soros’ multi $BILLION fortune was started on supposedly stolen Jewish property, and yet NOT A PEEP out of Israel?! Why are janitors and clerks persecuted but Soros walks free and BRAGS about it!? FUNNY there are no Israeli demands Soros’ money be turned over to holocaust survivors? !

  3. He has money to burn after making a windfall profit off the Vegas shooting. I wonder, is he just lucky 8 weeks before the massacre he buys put options to the tune of 42 million. Only on MGM, who owns Mandalay Bay, the bet was that the stock would drop. Hmmmm. Can’t help but think he sure knew something.

  4. The now closed “YOUFOLD2ME” Twitter account that posted the video of the alive dead ringer Stephen Paddock was a huge telltale sign. Was it related to Satan Sorrows? I think so.

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