Reddit Aggressively Censoring Content Critical of China: Story about Hearthstone player banned by Blizzard for pro-Hong Kong statement removed from THREE different subs on the front page of /r/all

by axolotl_peyotl

Yesterday, a link to South Park’s latest episode “Band in China” was removed from /r/videos after hitting #2 on the front page.

This morning, this thread hit #4 on /r/all after accumulating 54,000 upvotes.

This post from /r/pics was removed after hitting #3 on /r/all.

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This post from /r/Livestreamfail hit #15 before getting removed

They are also censoring this discussion over at /r/Hearthstone.

AS I WAS LITERALLY WRITING THIS POST, a second thread on this story that had ALREADY hit #1 on /r/worldnewsin an hour was REMOVED too.

This is happening in REAL TIME folks.



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