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by Tom Fitton

Here’s my original post on McCabe:

VINDICATION: Text messages show FBI #2 Andy McCabe in a conspiracy meeting talking about "insurance" against Donald Trump winning. He is also in major conflict of interest scandal due to Clinton crony campaign cash ties. BEAST JUDICIAL WATCH does the heavy lifting in court to uncover the truth. from The_Donald

Incredibly, Reddit somehow censored my follow up comment with all sorts of background info. on FBI/DOJ anti-Trump/pro-Clinton corruption. Here is my essential background post (including above video) which was censored:
You can see why I always look like I’m about to break something in two,
We exposed McCabe’s Clinton cash corruption from FBI docs through our independent litigation. Here’s the latest JW one minute:
President Trump tweeted about this last week!
This is what he retweeted:
He also tweeted this in response my appearance for Judicial Watch on Fox & Friends.
One of the two agents outed as anti-Trumpers worked the compromised McCabe.
Here’s the latest on the McCabe scandal:
On top of what JW already found:

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Prior one minute report:

More background materials:


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