Reddit Hits Peak Hypocrisy: Calls to violence and for the destruction of property litter the front page

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by axolotl_peyotl

Here’s an example.

It’s well overdue that those idols are smashed

Comments like this are receiving hundreds and even thousands of upvotes.

This is advocating for the violent destruction of private property, which reddit is now condoning.

Why peak hypocrisy? Folks like me are censored regularly for bullshit reasons…for example I actually received a warning from the admin team for using the phrase “shoot the messenger” to describe a whistleblower being unfairly punished!

A conspiracy theorist used a popular idiom? Censored!

Encouraging people to violently destroy property? Endorsed!

I urge people to watch this video of “protesters” pulling down a statue and causing potentially life-threatening injuries on an unsuspecting individual.

This is the disgusting behavior being propped up and encouraged by the Mockingbird MSM, and reddit is similarly at the heart of this propaganda.

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