Reddit is hiding any posts that show the link to Russian troll farms

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by PurplePupilEater
So, this article (among others) came out today that showed leaked documents proving that Reddit has been manipulated by Russian troll farms. In this article, the Daily Beast (I know but bare with me) obtained leaked documents showing that Reddit has been compromised.
This article was posted multiple times on /r/news, but it is hidden every time for multiple hours so it won’t collect any upvotes or downvotes.
I believe Reddit is trying to hide the fact that they are actually compromised, just like Twitter and Facebook have already been proven to be.
The only place this has gotten any traction is /r/inthenews,
which is a small subreddit that is not visited often. They refuse to let this go to a bigger sub and that’s why I brought it here.
We need to get this out and make Reddit respond to these claims. They can’t keep getting away with this.
Leaked documents show that Russian troll farm invaded reddit.
“The Daily Beast said it had given Reddit the opportunity to comment on the story, but that repeated requests were ignored. Reddit replied on Friday, telling the BBC: “Reddit was not provided evidence of accounts or other data that would enable us to identify misuse or manipulation of the platform by users.”
Looking at the paradigm shift in this subreddit alone and the propaganda that flew during the election here we should all be very cautious of what we believe

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