Reddit is introducing a new feature whereby people will be able to anonymously report anyone deemed “suicidal”. This report will be forwarded to a “Crisis Counselor” service that admits working with the FBI.

by jeanfrancois111

Oh, and of course you can’t opt-out.

Sort that thread by controversial to find out what actual depressed/suicidal people think of this.

Here are interesting excerpts from the OP:

As part of our partnership, we’re hosting a joint AMA between Reddit’s group product manager of safety u/jkohhey and Crisis Text Line’s Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, Bob Filbin u/Crisis_Text_Line, to answer questions about their approach to online suicide response, how the partnership will work, and what this all means for you and your communities.

Bob leads all things data including developing new avenues of data collection, storing data in a way that makes it universally accessible, and leading the Data, Ethics, and Research Advisory Board.

While he is not permitted to share the details, Bob is occasionally tapped by the FBI to provide insight in data science, AI, ethics, and trends.

It’s true that sometimes (around 1% of all conversations) of texter is in a life-threatening situation for a variety of reasons ranging from an active suicide attempt to being a victim of violence by someone else. In those cases we do reach out to emergency services in order to help the texter stay safe.

What are your thoughts on this?

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