Reddit Moderator: We No Longer Allow Any Content that Shows POC (People Of Color) as the Aggressor Due to Reddit’s New Rules


We can no longer allow any content that shows POC as the

Due to the new reddit updates to it’s policies and rules, as
well as administrator conversations with users; we can no
longer allow any posts, comments, or other content that
shows a POC as the aggressor. This is considered hate speech
and/or harassment towards an important minority group
and is no longer allowed. This absolutely means any videos,
as well as news reports, photos, personal stories,
data/statistics, police reports, or any other form of media.


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UPDATE: All those saying this post isn’t real are wrong.

It was posted by a moderator who claims this change is
necessary to comply with reddit’s new rules.

Note: Shouldn’t need to be said, but here it is again:
NOT my claim. I don’t moderate on Reddit.
Your ignorance doesn’t make the information fake. It isn’t.
The post is verified as real; I checked.



h/t dr0id


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